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“Go Outside” says CULT

mY new favorite motivation to not work and go to my friend’s horse farm in Topanga.  That’s right…Horse Farm…Topanga!

Nature is Satan’s church.

David De Rothschild talks about how he worships Satan and how plastics are screwin’ up our sunny days.


BUT, SURFER Magazine can out drink you and your sissy 240 lb. linebacker of a grandma. To prove it they are opening their own bar on the North Shore at the controversial Turtle Bay Resort.  If this goes well, they plan on taking their brand name to a DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT near you…Hooters or Surfer, The […]

We are what we eat.

Take the pledge to refuse single use plastics today, HERE.

The Boys At Shapers Studios Are Living Right…

And not just cuz they give us a little visual in their latest vid, but because they embrace “the rad.” Dereck, Clarky, Michael and the boys are back at it with their weekly homage to foam, friends, film, foolishness and living for the now bra.  DIY at www.shaperstudios.com/

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” – Steve Jobs

Sneak Peak at our SS12 Samples That Just Arrived!

New Sneaker Alert!!! Here’s a sneak peak of our upcoming SS12 line. They turned out great and with just a few more adjustments we will finally have our SS12 sales samples. We are working double time to get you guys your new People’s Movements.  Stay tuned friends —>>>

I’m peaking right now.


Stop the Belo Monte Damn in Brazil.

Brazil is pushing forward with plans to build a damn that will be devastating to the Amazon & it’s people.  In order to feed the powerhouse of the Belo Monte dam complex, up to 80% of the Xingu River will be diverted from its original course, causing a permanent drought on the river’s “Big Bend.” […]

New Article about us on Shop.Eat.Surf.com

Flanagan launches The People’s Movement Kevin Flanagan, owner of The People’s Movement. Photo by Shelby Stanger for Shop-eat-surf.By SHELBY STANGER September 26, 2011 07:17 AM Since leaving Reef where he was formerly the VP of marketing, industry veteran Kevin Flanagan has been busy building a new company, The People’s Movement. We caught up with Kevin […]

We’ll take the High Water.

Keith Malloy’s first film as director is a study of the search for “less” instead of the cultural norm of “more.” The Malloy’s are cowboys, surfers, activists and are the kind of people you hope your kids grow up to be like. Anything the Malloy’s or Patagonia do, we are backing. See you at the […]

How Gotye Steals The Soundtrack of My Flashbacks…

It turns out that this guy is original and not guilty of stealing my dreams. This is a mini doc about Gotye’s creative process for creating his latest album. It makes me wanna move to his farm, play with zany instruments and hang out with his seemingly amazing parents who would no doubt also help […]

Gotye Dreams About Goat Buffalos Too!

This video is a great little escape back into something that we’ve all lost…simplicity…the times when we would freely rampous through the tropical rainforest paradise behind our Gnome like cottage with our Crew of Goat Buffalos. This reminds me of a dream I once had while on Peyote in Oaxaca and I’m not sure if […]

Boxed Water is Better Than Plastic Bottled Water

these guys have a great idea…look to the past for simple solutions to our modern problems.  Cartons were invented over a 100 years ago and it is just as durable and functional as plastic, except for this paper will bio degrade in a matter of a year or so when it’s turned to waste.  The […]

AWOLNATION is an Alien MOVMT member

The genius of all our future viral content, Cameron Duddy , was stupid enough to ask me to be in our friend’s, AWOLNATION, viral campaign.  Cameron, who is a total dick head of a guy, but a total expert at quick execution made something….well, out of this world.  Enjoy. -m w

Surf Cowboy…George Downing

The People’s Movement had the pleasure this past weekend of being a part of  SIMA Waterman’s Ball at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach.  Yes, it was posh, but definately not stuffy…this is where you get a chance to have a beer or 10 with the guys you grew up idolizing like PT, Jeff Divine, […]

Coolest Nerds We Know; Zombie Zombie

ZOMBIE ZOMBIE Driving Clip Simon Gesrel Xavier… by JeanCarpentier All you need is some weed, G.I. Joes and a lotta fucking free time!

Old Jackets, New Ideas

Disposable Society

If you were to attach a moniker to describe the global community, Disposable Society would bonk it right on the head. The damage that disposable plastics is reaping on our planet is immense. If we don’t change out whole way of consuming and packaging, we could sail right past the point of no return. Watch […]

V Co drop box

Volcom has a cool drop box at retail where shoe can be recycled. Way to go V Co

Michigan sunset

Crazy beautiful

Bill Walton People’s Session

We had our first impromptu People’s Sessions last night at Bill Walton’s house. Casa Walton is Bill’s personal museum of memorabilia from his legendary journey’s through life. Bill’s a friend of ours and a big supporter of the MOVMT. Gracias Bill!

Artwork found on surfboards

Classic boards and cool art