February 2013
Nylon Guys Magazine: Wild Time
With its eco-savvy touches and utilitarian features, The Casio G-Shock watch leads style pioneers Mark Wystrach and Nick Fouquet on their everyday adventures.

Mark, you lived on a cattle ranch, and Nick, you were raised in France before backpacking around the world. Why is living actively and adventurously important to you?
Mark: Life is about the real experience. It’s not about video games and computers, but about being up on your feet, eyes wide open, ready for anything. We only live once, and there’s more than enough to do and see, so get going!

How did you get into the fashion industry, and why are you passionate about it?
Mark: I’ve always been interested in personal style and design. When I was growing up, I loved seeing the contrast of my dad’s dapper, tailored “city” style with all of the distinct cowboy wear at our family saloon. So when the opportunity to start a shoe company, The People’s Movement, was presented to me, I jumped on it. Even though I had no professional training in design or fashion, I had a well-sculpted opinion on aesthetic.

What are some of your off -duty skills and interests?
Mark: I find time to surf, play music, read, write, and ride my motorcycle every week.

How would you characterize the aesthetic of your accessories brands, respectively?
Mark: The People’s Movement makes vintage-inspired, ecoconscious footwear and accessories that stand for the fight against single-use plastics. We use organic and natural materials and up-cycle plastic bags. Our shoes are the perfect companion for your day-to-day adventures, wherever they may take you.

In a few words, how would you describe your personal style?
Mark: Blending vintage with new for my own interpretation of the modern gentleman, cowboy, adventurer.

How does your personal style complement your lifestyle?
Mark: Well, my personal style is a direct reflection of my lifestyle and my interests. So it’s awesome that G-Shock makes a solar-powered watch that complements my sustainability ethos. I will also tweak my style to my surroundings; a G-Shock watch with a tide/moon graph is a great accompaniment to a day of surfing.

Why are reliable, quality accessories so essential to living an adventurous life?
Mark: When you’re on the go, it’s important to have accessories that will keep up with you and won’t break down. The idea is to focus on the moment. Your equipment should be solid, so you don’t have to think about it.

How does your Casio watch help you balance your active days?
Mark: By helping me keep time with my surroundings.

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