Get International with the Krochet Kids!!!

When was the last time you did some krochet on a cool summer day sipping on wimbeldon’s? Or played a game of chrochet arguing over the finer points of life with your fellow enthusiasts? Do you even know what a “wimbeldon” is? Exactly.

Either way I bet it’s been quite a while, but this sort of thing is business as usual for Krochet Kids International or K/K INTL (for the brevity afficianados vive le quickness!!!).

These Costa Mesa based do gooders have created a non for profit company with the mission of empowering people to rise above poverty by helping them to create sustainable economic programs. For example, I bought a beautiful hand woven nautical themed beanie that was woven by a group of women in a small village in Uganda. K/K Intl is giving them the infrastructure and the market to sell! The piece is rad for lack of a better word and it is for a great cause. I personally love it when my own personal drive to be “bitchin’ ” ends up helping groups of people to re-gain a lost dignity and give them a glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow.

YOu can now buy their iconic “AFRICA LOVE” t shirts at over 50 Zumiez stores around the country (
Well played gentlemen.


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