Running on clouds

Just got the first pairs of the new monochrome all white hi tops in and needed to street test them. I also wanted to see ridiculous people doing ridiculous shit. Soo , I went to Spain with my brother and a friend and found ourselves freezing our asses off at 4:30 in the morning surrounded by some of the drunkest not so gentleman these eyes have ever seen….and it’s not like these eyes haven’t seen drunks before either…and it’s not like other people haven’t seen me drunk before either, but this was…..well, ridiculous.

Anyhow, the air was fervant and the eyes of these drunken, “viajeros” were crazed and unpredictable….non the less, I recieved much interest in my new (now very dirty pair) TPS All white Hi Tops to my great surprise. What the hell were these people doing looking at my shoes….keep your eyes on the horizon you crazed sons of bitches!!! There are highly trained, very angry, 1 ton bulls running towards us with no other purpose then to try and make “Sports Center” with a “vicious goring”!!! Look out!!!…., but thanks for the compliment, the new Monochromes are available for sale in 4 weeks!!!

More shots to come from the evergreen Basque Country soon to come…..

the people’s movement special field test agent

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