What happens when you get a squad together to help out the less fortunate on a hot-ass day in the middle of Skid Row? Some really cool things. Our first ever clothing and food drive for The LA Mission was a big success and I got pictures to prove it for all you shammy’s that didn’t show up for duty on Saturday! On that steamy day of June 27th, The People’s Shoe and our scraggly, but determined crew, fed over 400 people in need at San Julian park. Dinosaur Horses, Peter Goetz, Jon Hans, Jeff Wild and the Blasting Company played for the sheer joy of playing music while sweating obscene amounts in the blazing sun.

The food and the drink was generously provided by local must know restaurants Blossom, Pitfire Pizza and The Food Ink Catering company for no charge to the hungry and homeless. The JHWC had a “Clinic on Wheels” providing blood pressure testing, HIV testing, and general medical care and pamphlets to the populace of Skid Row.

Our good buddy, Adam Desure was laying down free haircuts for those who can’t afford a trip to the local barber. He was perhaps the most appreciated volunteer of the day bringing some seriously gracious service to those who don’t have the luxury of getting a haircut, let alone a world class cut from the likes of the semi-notorious Mr. Desure.

To cap it all off , we delivered a couple massive loads of non-perishable food, clothing and brand new People’s Shoes in the back of an old, beat up Ford pick up (borrowed from my wonderful girlfriend! Thanks darlin’!). The Los Angeles Mission and the peeps at San Julian Park said it was the best damn little shin digs they’d ever had at that sacred, yet conflicted park.

The People’s Shoe would personally like to thank every one of our volunteers who threw caution to the wind, as well as their day off, to help out. This event never would have come to fruition without your kind help. Cheers! The day definitely had a profound effect on me and Anton and only strengthens our belief in the concept behind TPS. We humbly go forward excited with the prospects of what lies ahead for our young company and our future volunteers.
“for the people. by the people.”
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