Plastic SEAS by Jeneene Chatowsky

As population booms, environments degrade, and pollution runs rampant, the human species must come to terms with their impact upon this Earth. Plastic SEAS is a film exploring the connection between plastic pollution, the seas, and human health. We hope through this film others may begin to change their habits for a healthier and more sustainable future.
Film By Jeneene Chatowsky

The People’s Movement featured on Stylesight

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Stylesight picked Eco-hip shoe brand The People’s Movement as an example for other brands to follow for Spring / Summer 2014.
With an Editor’s choice for our graphic pattern called Navy Tides (LeFronck ), Floral Hi Top (Marcos Hi), and a sneak peak at on one of our upcoming styles the textured Burlap Slip-on (Riley).
Thanks Stylesight!
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