Our Mission
The People’s Movement creates stylish, eco-conscious footwear and accessories that stand for the fight against SINGLE-USE PLASTICS. We use organic, eco-conscious materials and up-cycled plastic bags cleaned from Bali and California. A portion of sales is contributed to 5 Gyres, a non-profit that enables systematic reduction of plastics through oceanic research, collaboration and action. Our nifty products carry a powerful message to protect the environment.
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Our Story
The People’s Movement was born from the desire to create wearable goods for friends that reflected our shared fervor for timeless design, travel and the environment. We are driven by less work, more time to surf and being the positive change we want to see in the world through the way we run our company. We’re humble in our approach, as we know we have much to learn, but look forward to the challenge and are charged to share our vision with you.

Kevin as our CEO and co-founder brings a massive amount of experience from the action sports and youth lifestyle industry. He was the VP of Marketing for nearly a 1000 different surf apparel companies and learned exactly what “to do” and what “not to do” when starting his own brand. Flanny is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he was team captain and played in the Final Four. If you can't find Flanny at the office, you can find him fathering, gardening or surfing...in that order.

Mark was raised a cowboy in Arizona and enjoyed the nomadic life of surfing and performing as a musician around the world before settling in Southern California to pursue a career in the arts and entertainment field. He has supposedly appeared and starred in numerous television and film projects while cultivating a following for his indie folk music project, The Young Whiskey, but we’ve never heard of him before. If you can’t find Marcos in the office, you can find him doing something that he will later describe as “the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Chris Swortwood is COO, Cofounder and Board member. Chris leverages his experience as an investor and an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in operations, financial planning, and brand marketing. Chris began his career as a sports marketing manager working along side Kevin Flanagan at Oakley. Subsequently, Chris joined forces with his former boss to start Kaenon Polarized. Chris worked at Kaenon before leaving to start Market Ventures, a boutique Venture Capital firm providing seed funding for start up companies in San Diego. He was responsible for identifying investment opportunities and working closely with the portfolio of companies to advance them through the first stage of funding. Chris holds a BA from the University of Southern California and an MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business.

The People's Sessions
The People's Sessions are a unique live music series where we bring together up and coming artists with our Activists for a night of education and inspiration. These “Sessions” are captured by our film making friends and in turn broadcasted as informational music videos for the masses to see and hear! Like Mtv only it doesn’t suck and has a purpose. Plus we get a great excuse to hang out with our friends and hear truly amazing acts live!

The Movement Surf Club
Clean and then have fun. We organize beach clean-ups in whenever we travel the world. We work and then we have fun in our favorite parks, rivers and oceans. Find out how to charter your own Club and we’ll send you some free gear to get you going.

Giving Back
We partner with the 5 Gyres, a group dedicated to stopping plastic pollution and it’s toxic impacts on humans, animals and the environment! We do this by donating a portion of sales directly to the Plastic Pollution Coalition. We use our products, website, social media, original films and our live music series, The People’s Sessions to open a dialogue engaged that inspires people to get involved.

“You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep." We value this philosophy here at The People’s Movement. The brands we associate with share our same eco-friendy values. These brands that are helping to provide valid options to plastic, because if you don’t have a choice, then you don’t have a voice. We are proud to call them our friends.

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